Thursday, July 21, 2005

Here is all the poetry you've entered in .....very lovely, but don't forget to acknowledge your classmates' work. Post a comment. :)

Here are the short stories you've entered. Post comments and be nice. :)

Here are all the jokes everyone entered. When you read them post comments up and rate them ......remember be nice. :)

As you all know, the STEP program has a newspaper called " The BuZzzz".
As the Editor of the paper I also want to include all your likes and dislikes about the program. I asked for all the classes to choose between writing either a joke, a short story or a piece of poetry. Then we will pick the selective few and put it in the STEP newsletter.
Thank you
Tanya -editor
Kim co-editor

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Survey Says!

Here's what you do: look at all the topics and you be the judge of who fits that quality. Post your vote and don't be shy. Say what you want to say. Mention the person you would like to nominate for that theme poll.You can nominate more than one person (Remember no use of profanity or insults; we are family).

1:Best Athlete

2: Best Smile

3: Group Clown

4:Most Quiet

5: Most Creative

6:Best Dress

7: Best Dancer

8:Most Conceited




Dr. Robert Saar

  • teaches at Biarcliff HS- Chemistry
  • in high school he liked math and chemistry
  • Stated that " I got to college and math was to hard"
  • was a chemistry consultant for 18 yrs
  • and realized that he enjoyed explaining things to people.

"Teaching is a natural second career."

Education: undergraduate at Yale University; graduate at University of New Hampshire.

He's been teaching for 7 yrs this fall. It will be his 3rd yr. teaching at STEP.

Reasons for coming back: "Perspective reminds me there's a world outside of Briarcliff."

Teacher: Tom Tokarski

Tom Tokarski, is the S.T.E.P. (Science and Technology Entry Program) programs' resident earth science teacher. With six years of teaching under his belt, Mr. Tokarski presents a worthy challenge to new coming S.T.E.P. students. Graduating from Western Connecticut State College where he received his Bachelors Of Arts in teaching, he continued on to earn his Masters at City College in New York. He has served the S.T.E.P. program for a total of three summers and is looking forward to future participation in this exciting program. In class, he aspires to cover the three main types of Earth Science: Geology, Meteorology, and Astronomy. Students engage in thought provoking, brain stimulating lessons which enable them to further themselves in their knowledge of the subject, ultimately fulfilling the S.T.E.P. goal.

Mr. Toscano is STEP's Biology teacher for the 9th grade. He graduated from Lehman college and has been teaching Biology and Environmental Science for 15 years. In class he provides special projects for his students to expand their minds on science. These projects include disection on a grasshopper, owl pellet, and a frog. Mr. Toscano, also known as Mr.T, uses his intelligence on biology today in many ways. One way would be that he is going to get his DNA checked at a global database to find the path his ancestors took when they migrated from Africa. When he was asked what he liked about STEP, he answered that he liked the different kinds of students who want to come out and learn science.